Chef Kye has been artistically creating eatable symphonies since 1999.  He studied culinary at E.C.C near Chicago and trained at Chicago Hospitality Institute of Culinary for wine.  He has been a tableside chef and multiple restaurants where he included his passionate style of cooking without hiding any of his recipies and allowing his carisma to make the dish all the more appealing.  He then went on to own a kitchen in Dundee, Il preparing gourmet gastro-pub style food for patrons as well as pairing wine dinners with tappas style courses.  He worked for Bookwalter Winery in Columbia Valley Washington assisting the Winemaker in production of 95+pt wines and developed a passion for pairing perfection with flavor.  In 2011, Chef Kye relocated to Denver to work alongside chefs such as Troy Guard, Mark Ferguson, Ian Klienman, Ming Tsi and mixologists such as Brittany Wangsness, Chad Michael George, Tyler Lewis and Gerard Collier and many more.  He has been building relationships with event centers, vacation rental management, talent buyers, promoters and event producers in order to build a team that allows one point of contact for your entire event needs.  I have a design team, craft cocktail bartenders, celebrity chefs, sommeliers, musicians, bands and a production team.  Chef Kye and Creme de la Creme would love to create your next event and indulge your senses in an exploration of food, wine and entertainment.  "A pallet is meant to be explored.  Each tongue is a blank canvas waiting for an artist to paint it." -Chef Kye

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