(The menu is just an example of some of the packages I have created in the past.  I will have an Event Manager speak with you about your vision and we will create the menu custom for you and your guests.)

Vivaldi's Four Seasons


1. Raclette, gruyere and smoked gouda fondue served with steamed artichokes warm pumpernickel, pita and vegetable 

2. Spring salad with robust spinach, arugula, candied walnuts, sweet raisins, cranberry, heart of palm, in a blood orange vinaigrette dressing

3. Cajun salmon filet grilled with red and yellow peppers, grilled pineapple and pineapple, mango and moscatto reduction

4. Fig halves sauteed in cinnamon truffle oil and carmalized brule sugar on top

The Game

1.Duck soup 

A hearty, yet delightful collaboration of fresh duck, venison, crimini and morel mushrooms, carrots, red potatoes and leeks

2. Carmalized dates wrapped in fruit wood smoked bacon with honey balsamic drizzled on top

3. Beef tenderloin steaks in a blackberry, mushroom and burgundy reduction with garlic dill potatoes and asparagus.

4. Milk chocolate fondue with blackberry brandy

Paradise is not a place but a moment and when you find it, it last forever

The Beach 

1. Lightly panfried calamari with japanese style bread crumbs with a lemon saffron aoli with a white wine lemon, garlic and sage reduction

2. Pan seared buri toro tuna with a pomegranate and balsamic demi-glaze with wasabi.

3. Pan fried jumbo sea scallops sauteed in brown sugar and sage butter topped with honey and balsamic drizzle.  

4. Flourless chocolate cake, topped with a hazelnut mouse with a sherry wine glaze

Notte Perfetta Dentro

1. Lightly battered chevre with a honey and balsamic demi-sec glaze drizzled over the top

2. Sliced eggplant breaded with homemade parmesean and herb breadcrumbs, layered with spinach, ricotta and mozzarella cheese smothered in a rich vodka sauce. served with angel hair pasta pomadoro

3. Ladyfingers soaked in marsala wine, rum and espresso covered in marscapone cheese with a godiva chocolate sauce on top.


1. Seared ahi tuna steaks

2. Sliced eggplant with cream sauce drizzled on top with 

3. Asiago and goat cheese saganaki flambeed with brandy

4. Fried plantains with carmalized sugar, white chocolate and vanilla ice creme


1. Eggplant lightly steamed and sauteed stuffed with Chivre with light vodka sauce

2. Cured cold-smoked salmon with capers and lemon zest rolls with a cream cheese and dill filling

3. Gulf shrimp sauteed in a raspberry sauce with Chambord reduction.

4. Beef Tip Medallions grilled rare with a mushroom and burgundy sauce.

5. Apple and almond crepe with a honey and cinnamon drizzle.

6. White and Dark chocolate covered strawberries with a warm Grand Marnier reduction

The menu can be customized to your preference, palate, allergies, and appetite.  Please be open to me about what you want.  This is your evening, tell me your preferences and trust that i will make it as special as possible.  I have great vegan and raw food options that will blow your mind.  

Prices are available when booking appointment.  Typically range from $80 to $165 per person which includes all courses, prepared in-house with service and production, all wine and cocktails which is paired accordingly and full cleaning of the space which we use.  The price that I personally quote you will include the entire evening.

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